The Benefits of Seeing a Dentist for Snoring: Beyond a Good Night’s Sleep

Benefits of a Dental Sleep Apnea Treatment

Many people don’t regard snoring to be a serious issue, but snoring loudly accompanied by fatigue during the day can be a sign of sleep apnea. Sleep apnea and snoring can hurt your daily life, your health, and your relationship. If you are struggling with snoring, or have a family member or friend who does, don’t fret, this post is designed specifically for you. According to the National Sleep Foundation, more than 90 million Americans deal with sleep apnea and snoring.

If you are experiencing snoring and daytime fatigue, we recommend that you see a dentist for diagnosis and treatment. Snoring and sleep apnea is a serious health problem that requires prompt treatment. Your dentist can be very helpful for patients with snoring because there are oral appliances that can be utilized to prevent your jaw or tongue from blocking your airways while you sleep.

Qualified & experienced dentists like Dr. William Fitzgerald, are specially placed to detect early symptoms of snoring as most of the signs show for the throat and mouth. Early correction and detection can lead to improved health outcomes for both children and adults.

How Can Dentists Help with Snoring Issues

Can your dentist help with snoring prevention? Yes, an experienced dentist can diagnose if you have sleep apnea or snoring problems. If you are a snorer, have severe sleep apnea or have teeth grinding, you can visit a trained dentist for assistance and advice. A trained dentist is able to examine the conditions of your throat, teeth, and mouth, together with discussions with you and your family members. Besides that, a sleep test and questionnaires may be required for the dentist to collect more information on your risks of sleep apnea or snoring. The dentist may recommend tests to be performed to evaluate your snoring and sleep patterns.

One of the conditions of your mouth that your family dentist will be able to detect is teeth grinding, which is one of the major signs of sleep apnea. After conducting the sleep tests, there are two devices specifically that your dentist can recommend to assist with your snoring problems.

1. Oral Appliances

Many people don’t know that a trained dentist can play an important role in snoring treatment and prevention. Oftentimes, the first thing in preventing sleep apnea or snoring is by using oral appliance therapy. First, these appliances are available to put in your mouth while you are asleep. This device is highly recommended for those who have to snore or have sleep apnea as a consequence of obstructed airways or your tongue falling back into the throat while you sleep. The appliance realigns your jaw and keeps your tongue from moving, thereby preventing obstruction of your tongue and avoid the airway from narrowing while you sleep.

These appliances are synonymous with mouth guards for orthodontic retainers and sports. Your dentist can assist in properly fitting an oral appliance to your mouth in a single appointment or consultation. Though you can purchase oral appliances over the counter, the ones that are specifically fitted to your mouth are more effective.

Oral appliances are portable, non-invasive, and small. Often, they are comfortable to wear while you are asleep. They don’t cause stuffy noses or rashes when in use.Silent Nite Snore Prevention

2. The Mandibular Advancement Device

Your dentist can aid in snoring prevention via a mandibular advancement device. This keeps your lower jaw (mandible) in a more forward position. It increases your airway space, assisting you to breathe better while you sleep. This results in complete, quiet sleep. Mandibular advancement device also prevents the tongue from dropping backward on top of your windpipe. Your dentist will offer this snoring prevention method by ensuring that the appliance fits in your mouth properly.

Your dentist takes accurate digital measurements of your patient’s mouth as the initial step in preventing snoring. This will assist the dentist to come up with a digital model. The model goes to the lab for fabrication purposes. Your dentist will fit and adjust the completed MAD. This makes the device comfortable when wearing it. Your dentist will then show you how to utilize the MAD to prevent snoring.

3. Minor Surgery

If oral appliances and lifestyle modifications don’t help to prevent your snoring, minor dental surgery may be an option. Besides, surgery can help treat nasal congestion and sleep apnea caused by allergies or a deviated septum. So, if you are experiencing snoring, it is important to see an experienced dentist in your area.

Additional Benefits of Visiting a Dentist for Snoring Problem

It is highly recommended that you visit a dentist twice every year, according to the American Dental Association. Apart from preventing snoring, there are additional advantages that you can enjoy by visiting a dentist including but not restricted to:

  • Results in Improved Sleep Quality
    Your normal sleep pattern may be disturbed by persistent sleep apnea and snoring. But you will sleep better if you obtain therapy for your sleep apnea or snoring.
  • Boosts Your Overall Health and Minimizes the Risk of Other Illnesses
    Many medical illnesses have been linked to sleep apnea. In addition to cardiovascular problems, insulin resistance, and hypertension, patients with sleep apnea may also have other illnesses. Your health can be enhanced and sleep apnea complications avoided if you visit your dentist regularly. Additionally, getting adequate rest may offer you the energy you require to engage in activities such as exercising that will benefit your health.
  • Daytime Alertness
    Memory, energy, attention, and concentration are all improved when you visit a dentist for snoring prevention. You also get relief from the daily discomfort or grind.

Snoring Prevention is Now Possible with the Help of Your Dentist

Snoring can cause various health implications. That’s why preventing snoring is crucial. You can have a dental appliance to assist stop or reduce snoring. If you are experiencing any signs of snoring or sleep apnea, scheduling an appointment with your dentist can launch your journey toward better health and restful sleep.

If you are thinking about getting snoring prevention or treatment in Murfreesboro TN, contact Fitzgerald Dentistry DDS to book an appointment with an experienced dentist today.